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Dexter Panlilio a.k.a. DJ D to his listeners in Tinig Pinoy Radio’s LIVE AND LOUD radio show heard every Saturday, 10pm to 1am EST was born to a family of musicians.

His father was a drummer in L.A. and his mother is a veteran lounge singer, based in Taipei, Taiwan. His genes carry music in them.

A recording artist, Dexter was the keyboardist of the famous 90’s rock band, Orient Pearl. The majority of the songs were composed by Dexter and Naldy Padilla, including the power ballad “Cry in the Rain,” which gained much radio airplay. Another song, “We Can Make It,” is a re-recording of the smash hit, “Pagsubok,” from the first album, this time performed using English lyrics.

Dexter is also a songwriter, musical scorer and arranger for various television shows like The Digital LG Quiz aired on GMA Network, Philippines and Trip na Trip, Swak na Swak Kabayan Production aired on ABS-CBN Network in the Philippines.  He has done original music for different artists in Manila and collaborated with some arrangers for sequencing patterns for R&B, pop, rock, as well as soul and jazz.

Dexter has performed at ICT Grand Maratha Sheraton Hotel and Towers in Mumbai, India, Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa in Cebu, Philippines and The InterContinental Hotel, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia. Sofitel Jinan China, HILTON Beijing, Grand XIV Japan, Grand Hotel Taiwan, Sheraton hotel Taipei, New World hotel in Saigon Vietnam.

Dexter is now living in Canada, teaching music production at Whyte Ridge Music Center, CnK Academy in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Dexter’s passion in music evolves from the usual rock music to eclectic collection of modern jazz fusion that made him more artistic and innovative.

In January 2014, Dexter released his EP (Extended Play) album called SUNBURST with CDBaby and iTunes. The Sunburst album is a form of modern influenced by popular music. Dexter has used lounge piano pieces with a contemporary groove. It is a mixture of jazz improvisation with rock rhythms. It is food for the soul, mood music jazz both playful, and classy. This is modern lounge electronica with chill-out and down-tempo influences. Soulful, relaxed and stylish late-night grooves from around the dance world.

Dexter is dubbed as one of the most talented music composers and song writers around and with this collection he has managed to create his most sensual set yet. It features an elegant sound palette of sophisticated, sensuous atmospheres and impeccably cool grooves from across the globe. If you’re into modern bossa nova sounds, Hotel Costes, or Cafe del Mar then this album is for you.

Tinig Pinoy Radio’s Regina Sosing had a chat with Dexter Panlilio about “Sunburst Album.”

Regina: How did you become a rock star?

Dexter: It all started with the band named Orient Pearl based in Manila, Philippines. From then on things had changed and we began touring the entire Philippines. That’s how I started in the music industry.

Regina: What inspired you to be a musician?

Dexter: When I was a child I grew up listening to different musicians’ especially jazz and pop rock. I was fascinated with the energy of music and I become so obsessed with instruments and sounds. So, I got interested to become one of the great musicians ever lived in the world.

Regina: How was the journey from Rock to Jazz?

Dexter: It was an amazing joy ride if you could imagine. Actually, you can combine them together to form an eclectic sound and sooner or later it will become your own tone of sound. And that is incredible!!

Regina: What is the main objective of your album?

Dexter: The idea of my album is to sound unique in a way that everyone will appreciate the moods & classy feel.

Regina: Can everyone relate to your album?

Dexter: Absolutely! It’s a divine remedy for depression as I’ve always called it.

Regina: What kind of music is in SUNBURST album?

Dexter: The Sunburst album is a form of modern jazz that is commercially oriented and influenced by popular music.

Regina: Who are your musical influences on this album?

Dexter: When I was a child I grew up listening to jazz musicians like George Duke,

Frank Zappa, Manhattan Transfer Earl Klugh, Tower of Power which I have no idea that I will make such a huge transition.

Regina: What is your ultimate dream as a musician?

Dexter: I’ve been longing to have this kind of album; it was a dream comes true for me.

Regina: Would you say that this album is your biggest achievement?

Dexter: I would rather say yes. I’m so proud of what I achieved on this record, with the help of good friend, producer Edsel Avelino, who is also a part of the production. A good guitar player, a good friend.

Regina: How many songs in the EP (Extended Play)?

Dexter: The album has 6 songs and we call it EP (extended play). It’s a modern lounge-
chill out down tempo that everyone can enjoy. It’s so relaxing and a groovy kind of tunes.

Regina: What musical experience can we expect from Sunburst album?

Dexter: I promise you, this collection of jazz fusion (Sunburst) will take you to a place called paradise!

Regina: What are your future plans for your career?

Dexter: Well, I’m doing my new EP which will be released sometime in summer. I am so looking forward for our tour gig this year!

Regina: What can you advice to those aspiring musicians?

Dexter: Well, follow your dreams. You can do so much if you commit yourselves into it. As I always say, “good things happen for those who wait!! Thank you!

Regina: Do you have a Youtube channel – where we can see more of your music videos?

Dexter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4yjxnHJ1Sw

Regina: When can we see your live concert?

Dexter: I’m planning to have my launching this summer so watch out for that.

To purchase the album: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/dexterpanlilio, https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/sunburst-ep/id790695884

Some reviews about SUNBURST album:

Customer Reviews:

Awesome! by CVirus.  All the songs are extremely relaxing and amazing. The solos are crazy! Great work Dex!

Pure Genius by Cielo19. Great quality of music as it is soothing and so relaxing. It also has a natural intense rhythmic quality. Overall the album has all it variety. Good work to the composer Dexter Panlilio! I love it!!!

Regina: Therapeutic Music!! A music for all season and for all kinds of mood. Excellent background when you are going about your day to day life, whether you are taking a walk, cleaning the house, swimming, taking a shower or simply reading your favorite book. The melody is very uplifting. It takes you into another world of life without stress. So, sway your body with this music, feel the groove and enjoy life.Thank you Dexter Panlilio and Edsel Avelino for sharing your music with us.

Helen Worthingham:World Class Jazz, This album has a lot potential to make it Big scene.  It reminds me of movies made by Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz and many more. Very interesting to listen too. I was never bored. Great album.

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