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Alone long weekend


“Ma? Are you there?”

Let me tell you a story about when I spent a whole long weekend alone in my mansion. I felt this needed to be told so we can save the mystery from my last story for later.

So, without wasting much of your precious time, let us begin.

It starts off as I woke up one afternoon feeling sweaty and cold at the same time. Everything was quiet and I see outside my window that the wind is blowing the branches a nearby tree onto my glass window — brushing vigorously against the glass with an eerie sound of pulsing noise and silence.

I knew that day was different, I was left alone in the house for the long weekend since Thursday evening and now at the late of Saturday’s afternoon, I can sense the time has slightly shifted off and now slowing down.

The sky slowly turns to pink and I knew it was time to get out of bed. But something did not feel right.

Amidst the sound of the wind, the branches, and the leaves was dead silence but right before the silence consumes my ear, I can’t help but sense one more sound.

An echo, fleeting while coming closer. Thumping with a slight screeching sound. It felt like it was coming closer to me — another pulse of the wind and silence and I noticed it even more.

I stood up and wrapped my blanket across my chest then took my fluffy slip-ons and headed carefully to my door. Outside I can sense the wind rushing inside the house — peculiar since all the windows were closed before I slept early this morning.

Since late Thursday, I have been watching movies of my favorite shows every night — from midnight to dawn. For some reason, I could not sleep so doing marathons of episodes upon episodes of my favorite comedy sitcoms made meease my mind off the idea that I am alone in the house for four days in a row. I needed distraction, I needed to ease my mind off the idea of the stories I hear before I bought this house. Well, my mom bought it from my salary…okay I’m helping pay the 10%.

Then suddenly, the phone rang outside.

“Ring! Ring!” and then again on the phone beside me inside my bedroom.

Nervous, I walked closer to try and pick it up and as I lifted the handle, I stopped.

“Don Mariano?” Amidst the static, faintly I heard a sound coming from the phone but I failed to lift it completely.

Moments earlier as I picked it up, my entire window blinked — for a split second it went dark.

“Don Mariano?!” the static sounding voice sparked from the phone on my hand. I tried to slowly lift it up with my eyes glued, pupils dilated, focused solely looking towards my window. I listen as the voice became louder and the wind outside blew harder.

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina
Photo by Daria Nepriakhina

As I did this, I slowly walked back towards the wall and the phone reached my ear — my back now pressed on the wall. Slowly between then and now, I hear the voice swelling up and what I could hear at this time was my mom’s voice.

“Hoy, Mariano, sumagot ka!” She is at the top of her voice and continues

“Yung mga basura sa labas siguarduhin mong nasa labas ng gate para” (CLICK) her voice stopped.

“Ma? Ma? Hello?” I lost her as the busy tone took over marking the end of the call.

Just then I heard something; between the wind, the trees, the silence, and the beeping tone — Breathing.

“Hello?” I spoke but the tone keeps beeping and the voice becomes louder.

“Hello? Sino to?” — nothing.

“Ma? Are you there?” and the beeping suddenly stopped.

It was silent, even the wind stopped. I felt cold and my palms are sweaty, knees weak arms are heavy. I’m breathing heavily already, is mom there already?

Then suddenly like a flood rushing in vigorously nearby — an eerie sound that can never be made by any human jumps out of the phone’s ear peace and into my head! It was large it was loud it took over me and paralyzed my body all over. I could not move, I could not speak, then at the edge of my sight — peripheral vision; I saw a figure standing there. A while more and it moved, it lurks behind the window and I knew then that whatever it is; that it comes for me.

I have to get out of here!

My grip on the phone became weak and I drooped it on the floor. The noise still screaming, screeching, shouting — it was not my mom, it was not even anyone, it was a sound unlike any other that voices of a thousand could not even make — and it was after me.

Then just as things could not get any worse, I hear the front door thump and hear something coming close. It’s now inside the house; whatever it may be then suddenly screeches on the door beside me.

It’s after me, it’s here, the stories of my house are true, they’re real. The screeching sounded and the doors felt like it was about to open and just as you think the noise could not get any worse, it stops.

Still, quiet.

Briefly, I was able to step back from the wall and into my bed, I can see at the space below the door a shadow — moving. As I got to my bed, I again saw the figure behind my window, looking at me, staring at me but I could not see its face then it lounged towards my window and I rushed to the door forgetting completely of what was waiting for me outside.

Time stopped as my door opens inch by inch, I pulled the door towards me and opened it up ready to run as fast as I could. I tried to picture my house and the rooms I had to run through in order to get safely outside the house and get as afar away as I could.

Where do I go, who do I get help from, what is this chasing after me?

All these questions flooded my mind even before I was able to fully open the door and as my eyes caught a glimpse of the floor, a single eye looked towards me.

My heart pounded and I lost grip of the door and feel back — I ended lying on the floor with my eyes staring towards this figure standing in front of my door.


I was breathing heavily, and I could not believe what had happened. It turns out that my sister’s 12 cats got loose and one of them was standing on front of my door waiting to get her snack.

I looked out the windows and saw the other cats were hanging on the window trying to get back in.

For a moment I sat there, unsure what to feel about myself. I completely forgot about the cats!

I stood up and went to the kitchen, the cats followed me and I can see the door was opened and the other cats got loose.

I called them all in and counted them from one to twelve and it was at this time that I saw one of the cats playing on the telephone who knocked it down probably trying to fight off the ringing sound it makes. He was breathing heavily and dumbfounded of what it was. Cute, but this guy alone almost gave me a hear attack.

“Jusko, papatayin nyo ako mga pusa kayo” as I picked him up and carried him to the kitchen.

I fed them and we all watched a good deal of comedy shows again that night. I tried to think about what I am made of as a man and the comedy scenes drowned my self pity and exchanged them with comical reasons to why I think long weekends are better spent at the company of people rather than cats.

The next morning I got out to clean the leaves outside the house as I normally do.

While I was doing this though I noticed something strange inside our garden, we have no trees…outside, the closest one is one block away amidst our .5 hectare farmland.

Realizing this, I dropped the broom, went inside, locked the door, and closed the curtains of all the windows. I’ll wait here for one more day — my mom and the rest of the family should be back by then.

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