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OPM: Kahit Saan, Kahit Kailan
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Tinig Pinoy Radio Deejays/Hosts

Tinig Pinoy Radio is broadcasting all the time, 24/7 Kahit Kailan, Kahit Saan.

Whether you are in New york, the city that never sleeps, trapped in Manila’s maddening traffic, freezing in the arctic tundra, walled in Hongkong’s high-rise jungle, cruising the horn of Africa, jogging along the banks of the Rhine or cocooned in the solitary of your room wherever that may be, Tinig Pinoy Radio is with you. Where there is internet service, Tinig Pinoy Radio is there. Specially added treats are the LIVESHOWS hosted by the homegrown and yet most endearing DeeJays and Hosts a radio station could only hope to snare. We have them here to engage and captivate you with their charm, wit and unique sound. Professionals all in their respective fields, TPR hosts will discuss with you various fields of interests: from the high-brow to the mundane. It could be anything goes too. The beautiful music played by our DeeJays, mostly by requests of thousands of “katinig” around the world, run from the sweetest love songs, jazz, rap, rock and wacky novelties, all with the unique qualities of OPM (Original Pilipino Music). Here are your favorite Tinig Pinoy Radio’s DeeJays/Hosts

Kuya Dan

Kuya Dan, as he is fondly called by many, founded and hosted Tinig Pinoy Radio 22 years ago. He is very active in community service which helped earn him various awards for his initiatives. In March this year he was awarded, by Foreign Affair Minister John Baird, the prestigious Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal.  Community service particularly geared towards the youth has been one of his biggest advocacies for over the better part of his adult life. He co-founded Pinoy Eh!, Ottawa’s only FilCan newspaper. He is also a regular volunteer computer instructor with Philippine Centre Canada. An advocate of youth development programs, he steers Tinig Pinoy to serve as breeding ground for future journalists. He is a strong supporter of OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) to whom he dedicates the founding of Tinig Pinoy Radio.
He is father to four lovely daughters and an equally independent-minded son. He believes that we are what we are because of those around us.  

e-mail address: dan@tinigpinoy.net